The next 6 months: November 04 2011 | Friday at 07:19 PM

 Some dates and ETAs to keep in mind: 

-November 14th is the current ETA for new hats finally hitting US soil. 

-December 19th I'll ship all orders that haven't been shipped yet via Priority mail to ensure they get to you by Christmas. After this date I make no promises. 

-January 4th is my birthday. I won't ship, answer emails, or do any other kind of work that day. I get one Sabbath a year and I plan to take full advantage. 

-February 6th I hit 37 weeks pregnant. I will likely be induced shortly thereafter. Expect some shipping delays. 

-April 6th-8th is Anime Boston. I'll be there with bells... err... horns on (and probably still some extra baby weight).

Having learned my lesson from last year, I am making a regular vinyl banner for my booth backdrop this year. It'll look kinda like this: